About us

Our Story

Established in 2008, Lesico Process piping have successfully delivered high-quality services  to leading Israelis companies using cutting-edge methods. We guarantee consistent quality products delivered on time.

We are proud to be part of Lesico Group, one of the largest infrastructure companies in israel since 1969 show more

Our Story

We have helped customers complete more than 260 projects. Established in 2008, Lesico Process piping havesuccessfully delivered high-quality services to leading international companies Using forefront methods.
We guarantee consistent quality products delivered on time

We are proud to be part of Lesico Group, one of the largest infrastructure companies in Israel since 1969 show more

Our Values & Believes

We Deliver

Our clients trust us to get things done, and we take that seriously. We will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver outstanding results.

Accountability is key

We believe that our values are critical to our own success and our ability to serve our clients effectively. We honor commitments to our clients and to one another.

Consistent Quality

We believe that true quality comes when team members genuinely care about
their work quality and make decisions based on achieving that high-quality level.

Safety is our focus

Safety is our fundamental value. We are focused on our customers’ absolute
safety and well-being.

Spark imagination.

We value our people and encourage their development because we
know that we can do so much more together. Our team strength relies on each individual member

Being bold

Building great things means thinking outside the box. We believe in
challenging the status quo, taking bold steps towards our common goal.
We go further, reach higher and do better..

Meet The Real Heroes

We have a talented and highly qualified team with a proven track record of retaining long-term employees, encouraging our people to grow and reach their potential by providing continuous educational programs

Let's Work Together!

Let Lesico become your go-to business partner and start seeing the benefits that we can bring to your company.