Interface Connectors

  • Year: 2017-2022
  • Client: Intel
  • Project Type: Manufacturing & delivery of interface connectors

About The Project 

Manufacturing of low purity and high purity interface connectors, A modular solution to maximize construction processes and help fabs cut on their installation time by installing them independently to the equipment, therefore allowing to complete 95% of the work, including system testing, before equipment is provided

. Interface connectors connects between piping and the equipment. They are connected to vivid piping systems that allow us to install piping and do tests before the vendor installs the machine in the field.

  • Manufacturing of more than 1000 IPS.
  • Manufacturing for international Companies such as Intel, Meptagon, Combe, etc.



  • Long lead time items that are more than 30 WW, such as Aptech regulators, are required for IPS manufacturing and causes delays in project timelines .
  • Frequently design changes that occurs by the customer. 
  • Sensitive and clustered working space 

Our Approach to success 

Smart stock management and data-driven manufacturing were the keys to overcoming those challenges. Using historical data, we manufactured generic pipes and predicted the exact pipes needed to complete the job independently to layout and design.
Utilizing these methods allowed us to complete the project with a substantial time reduction.