OSM Division

Offsite Prefabrication

We utilise Off Site Fabrication and Modular Construction to support many of our projects. We offer fully integrated Mechanical and Electrical  modules. We manufacture a complete range of gas distribution piping systems from low purity up to SS316L UHP 10Ra ; these include gas piping spools gas, gas panels, gas manifold, gas sticks, Interface plates, and others. LPP provides innovative solutions for specific gas delivery systems such as flammables, corrosives, poisons, or inserts to the tools at the pressure and flow rates needed to maximize productivity and control cost in the safest possible way.

Mechanical Skids

Custom made mechanical skids. fabricated with utility support to meet your unique requirements and standard.
HP stainless Steel Systems | Energy Systems |  Process Cooling Water Systems  | Ultra Pure Water Skids

mechanical skid delivery to site

Interface Connectors
& UHP Gas Systems

Gas delivery systems: Gas piping spools, VMB’s, gas panels, gas manifold, gas sticks, and interface connectors, utility racks and more. Interface connectors: A modular panel that enables a significant reduction in commissioning costs

Water filters

Generic Spools

A Data-driven approach allows manufacturing of spools non-dependent
on layout/design, which helps to the prediction of needed material for construction before the spec is provided

crowded 3D pipes

It’s All About The Process

Our engineers takes full ownership of the process from the start, We optimise operations, saving our customers time and resources while maintaining high-quality products.

We offer full control over the entire process including: selection of material, supply chain management, top orbital welding techniques, BIM modelling, full testing and delivery 

Building Better

  • Ultra-high piping fabrication facility, consisting of 500 square meters of class 1000 UHP fabrication area.
  • We specialize in manufacturing low and high-purity products. Our workshop is equipped for large production demands.    
  • Our products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standards
manufacturing facility

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