Featured Projects

We have a strong portfolio of projects in semiconductor, life-science, f&b, and renewable energy markets. We’ve developed strong relationships with clients across all of those sectors and to this day, over 85% of our business is with repeat customers. We coordinate with stakeholders early on to add value for clients, reduce costs, tighten schedules and resolve issues before they occur

modular Skid

2016 – 2021

Skid Supply & Installation 

Installing 200 Laterals for different types of systems like PCW/ CPCW/ PV/ LPO2/ HPN2/ OFA/ HPHE/ HPN2.

UHP gas panel

2016 – 2022

Interface Connectors  

Manufacturing of more than 1000 IPS to international companies such as Meptagon, Combe, 

clean room

2016 – 2022

Plant Upgrade & Equipment Integration

Installed in 3 different areas (Plannar, diffusion, PCD) more than 11KM of piping which connected to more than 500 tools