UHP Gas Systems & Interface Connectors

About Our Gas Systems

We design and manufacture fully UHP gas systems: gas panels, gas boxes and gas racks. we are committed to working with our clients to maximise project efficiency and delivery. 
Utilising our highly experienced team of engineers, designers and welders and with the help of our BIM 3D modelling abilities we can provide a high quality customised product to meet your needs and specification 

How We Work

Our early engagement on projects consistently leads to a significant reduction in project installation time.

The process is catered to your needs, reduces valuable time and ensures more safety and flexibility: The panels are prefabricated in our facility, and upon completion can be shipped to your desired destination and installed before the component arrives. As a result, all the necessary testing and required preparation can be done in advance. Coupled with our onsite assistance at the planning stages, all that is left is a mere fine tuning once the component arrives.


Building Technology

We generate 3D models from the contract drawings.
Using BIM allows us to maximize process efficiency, increase quality 
and reduce project risks.
Our experienced BIM engineering team has extensive expertise in delivering BIM solutions.
We can identify clashes long before the project begins, resulting in a significant reduction in project cost

System Integrity

To ensure system safety and quality components go through numerous QC checks

  • Leak tests
  • Moisture test
  • Oxygen test
  • Manufactured and assembled in class 100 cleanroom
  • Equipped with several orbital weld systems and certified welders to ensure quality, reliability and performance 

System Specifications

  • Panels components include: fittings, valves, pressure regulators, filters and flow devices.
  • Level switch sensor to alert if leak identified
  • Complete stop of the process when a leak happens 
  • All props are carefully picked to align with optimal pressure and specification 

    In-House Fabrication Shop

    State of the art Ultra-high piping fabrication facility, consisting of​ 500 square meters of class 1000 UHP fabrication area. We specialise in manufacturing low and high-purity products. Our workshop is equipped for large production demands. Our products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standards


    In-House Capabilities

    We manufactures our modular panels in its own plant under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. Manufacturing our panels in the controlled environment of our factory enables us to produce and guarantee quality and on-time delivery. The panels are pre-engineered and prefabricated in the factory with mechanical and electrical utilities tailor made to your needs


    Our Latest Work