UHP Interface Connectors & Gas Delivery Systems

A complete range of gas distribution piping systems from low purity up to SS316L UHP 10Ra. These include gas piping spools, gas panels, gas manifold, gas sticks, interface connectors, and others

A Complete Process Piping Contractor

It’s All About The process
Successfully delivered process piping and manufacturing services for more than 12 years to leading International companies in the semiconductor, life-science, renewable energy and food industries

OSM Division

A state of the art facility, highly skilled orbital welders, and a superb engineering team, We are committed to providing high-end prefabricated product designed to your needs.

Among Our Clients
About us

We have successfully delivered process piping and manufacturing services to leading international companies in the semiconductor, life-science, renewable energy, and food industries using cutting-edge methods. We guarantee consistent quality delivered on time.

Laterals Installed

km of Piping INSTALLED


Areas Of Expertise

Specialising in the installation of Process Piping, Industrial systems and Mechanical equipment​

Process piping service & installation

Ultra-high piping fabrication facility, consisting of 500 square meters of class 1000 UHP fabrication area. We specialise in manufacturing low and high-purity products. Our workshop is equipped for large production demands. Our products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standards

State of the art Ultra-high piping fabrication facility

We are committed to working personally with our clients to deliver maximum value to the project. Our Systems: Gas Panels, Gas Racks, Gas Boxes

Tailor-Made UHP Gas Systems

Mechanical Skids, Gas Delivery Systems

Offsite Prefabrication Devision

Successfully delivering high-quality services to leading international companies

Our Story

We have extensive expertise for delivering BIM solutions. we can identify clashes long before the project begins, resulting in significant reduction in project cost

BIM 3D Design

Why Work With Us

Leveraging cutting-edge methods, design abilities, and highly-skilled engineers taking full responsibility from the start, we can significantly reduce project installation time, getting your project running quicker.

Early Engagement

A dedicated engineer is allocated to the project from the start in order to provide an early evaluation of the layout and find the optimal way to operate

process piping quality control

Quality Control

We constantly invest in our people, in the supply chain process and in cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to improve and optimise the process to deliver the best service for our clients. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 – the highest recognized standard in quality management

Full Testing & Inspection

All systems are going through full testing & prototyping in every step of the process to ensure a high quality and a fully functional system

BIM 3D Design Capabilities

We Generate 3D Models from the Contract Drawings.  using BIM allows us to maximise process efficiency, increase quality
and reduce project risks, Our experienced BIM engineering team have extensive expertise for delivering BIM solutions. we can identify clashes long before the project begins, resulting in significant reduction in project cost

Highly experience workforce

We have a talented and highly qualified team with a proven track record of retaining long-term employees, encouraging our people to grow and reach their potential by providing continuous educational programs. We are committed to delivering the best service to our customers.



Backed by a public listed group

We are proud to be part of the Lesico group, one of the largest infrastructure companies in Israel.
Being a subsiding company is like having a big brother you can trust to lead you to excellence.
With Lesico on our side, we are situated in the best place to learn, improve our process and receive constant feedback on our projects.

Building Industries

Industries We Serve

semi conductor, life science, food,

We are experienced working with the strictest and most advanced companies in the industry, we are committed to deliver on maximum precision using our highly skilled and certified employees, orbital welding technology, and experienced engineers

From Small research labs to complex fabs, we have extensive experience working and delivering services to the pharma industry, full compliance with EMA & cGMP standards

We have a complete understanding of the technical and project requirements for  renewable energy operations,
Full compliance with IGID as well as ISO 3834

Lesico has many years of experience fabricating and installing piping in ultra-clean environments, We provide the required experience needed to deliver a complete solution.